Thursday, April 12, 2018

UOI Exhibition

 This week in PYPX every group had to choose a specialist for each week to show in their presentation. My group had chose two specialist one of the specialists was with Mrs. Conroy and Mrs. Andrea. At first when we chose the specialist we thought it would be cordial but it wasn't really going so well. Even though the choices felted regretful my group turned it upside down.

 I learned that my group should think every plan of ours should be think through be for doing it and now it is going really well.

Now I am wondering if what will happen if I didn't ask those question, would everything going to be fine or is it going to be a disaster. I wonder what is gonna happen in the PYPX Presentation day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Music Concert Response

 Hi at March 15 Thursday, two weeks ago from now there was a music concert about grade 4 and 5 concert at UNIS Hanoi theatre. What happened was that the show was meant to show grade 4 and 5 progress and talent in music class to show the parents to let them know what we did in music class.

 First was the grade 5 band, I wasn't in the band I was in strings.  The band played three songs and one of the song was Mickey Mouse it sounded really good and by my opinion it was the best out of all of the three songs. Next it was the strings turn to shine in the theatre.

 The cello went first. They rocked two songs and then the violin came, I was a violin player. Our two songs were Tap dancer and another song that I forgotten. After when the violin played the two songs. The violin and the cello played a song called Tip Toe Boo.

 When the grade 5 string was done they would give their instruments to the grade 4 so they have enough instruments to play. Once we the strings done giving our babies away we went up stair to Mrs. Noor's classroom. We lined up into a ginormous line for the next show after the grade 4 string performance. When the grade 4 had finish their instrument songs the grade 5 has once again took the stage.

 We had brought some basketballs to play. The past few months we grade 5 has been playing a basketball performance. I wasn't there to see it but the basketball performance that was a little splash on the stage.

After the basketball corruption the whole grade 5 and 4 sang a lot of phenomenal songs. The song we grade 5 sang was On Top of The World and Hold Back The River. The last song we grade 5 and 4 sang together Have You Ever Seen The Rain. My singing was horrible but the song was really delightful.

In my opinion the music performance was phenomenal and outstanding but I was pretty sad that my parents didn't come to not even any relative. Beside everything else it was amazing.           

Thursday, March 22, 2018


In the Exhibition my group is having some difficulties. One of our group member is not doing what is he supposed to do. We are trying to help him by asking him what he have to do and we also sit with him to see what is he doing but he is making things more difficult.  We also don't know what we are doing next. We are having other plans and we don't agree on any of our plans. Right now we are in a bad situation.

But everything is not really that bad two people has finish their research. Even the person that isn't doing his job is actually helping a lot by asking people for help and now we know what to do. That time we didn't want people to help or even we didn't know who should help us. We are even having fun when it' s a bad time, we always know how to have fun if it's a bad day. Now I think it's a really nice group.

Right now what we are doing is writing down our research into a paragraph. We are also doing our Week 3 Exhibition Chart. I put down:
Kelly did the most, I did the 2nd one that did the most, Xavier is the one who did 3rd most of the work and Jingyun is the one who did not too much work.
I think my group can do a lot more and think more. Right now I don't know what to do but until then see my next blog.BYE!!!!!!         

Thursday, March 15, 2018


In this pass month the grade 5 and grade 4 has been singing and playing instruments for a concert for the parents to see. I was playing the violin. I was learning first finger and then second finger. For me first finger notes and songs were easy but when I learned second finger it was harder and some times when I was playing some of the music it was to fast for me to catch up with the others. In music class we have been singing Hold back the river, Have you seen the rain and a imagine dragon song that I forgot. All of the song is really easy to memorize for me. On the performance day that is today 15/3/2018. I felt confidence, not scared or anything. The trouble on the performance was keeping up with everyone's paste and forgot about one song so that was embracing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


This week on Tuesday we were assigned to go to a class. The class that I was is in Mrs. Ronke. And on Wednesday found out our mini group. My mini group is: Xavier, Kelly, Jingyun and me/Quang Nhat. Thursday and Friday my group was trying to make our central idea and lines of inquiry.  We had some difficult but luckily Jingyun emailed Mr. Dylan. Then Mr. Dylan came and he helped us a lot and solved our problem and we also finish doing our Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Reading groups

This week my class just started to go in reading groups. My reading group is with: Melissa, Moritz, Ella and me/Quang Nhat. I think it is a good group because we didn't fight or argue yet but I think it is still be a good group. We have a chose a book called Jungle Bound. I can't wait 'till Monday because then I can read Jungle Bound.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


This week my class was doing an assessment so the teacher knows what should the teacher helps us with and what we need to improve.

My first assessment was doing math. At the beginning of the math assessment was easy, but when it was on the part two of the assessment was a little bit harder. I felt pretty comfortable with my answer and good about my answer.

My second assessment was a reading assessment it was not that hard because I can see back what the story and make it right. Now when I read the story faster than the other grades and i did not regret what I put down.

My third and last was writing and I am not a good writer so that's what I should improve. My teacher talled us to write two subject. One was would you like to be famous and the other one is to write a story about this old shoe. I was almost finish and I thought I wrote faster.


Friday, February 9, 2018


In math my class has been doing percentages because I think it connects to our UOI unit that is Government. I also think that because my teacher Mr. Nathan says that it is not a grade 5 work. I was lucky that it wasn't a grade 5 work because I don't know how to do the adding and the dividing work. I hope one day I will know how to do the dividing and the adding percentages. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

This week in Thursday 9th February 2018, grade 5 we went to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. We went seeing Ho Chi Minh body that was embalmed. I was so excited to see Ho Chi Minh because he is a very important piece of Vietnam. But when I saw Ho Chi Minh I think that's not him but it looked like a plastic but I think I am wrong and I hope I was wrong.


Thursday, February 1, 2018


In math Grade 5A is learning about how to find out the average of something in life. I was doing a question was called "What is the average age of the last ten president." I collected my data by going to wikipedia and searching the age of the last ten president. I saw wikipedia and I clicked it and it showed all of the president information and they're age and age of death. I wrote their name down and they're age. The oldest people were George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford. Who's question is this? You might ask and it is not me that made the question it was a classmate named Zach a boy.

I think it was a good question because we are learning about government so I think that would relate our UOI and then Mr. Nathan changed it in to a math question.

This is my data and the answer:

Parent Teacher Conference

This week in 2018 Thursday February 1st, was Parent Teacher Conference. I came with my father a new change for me because I usually come with my mom so this is really rare to have that moment because my father has no time to do anything like come to the Parent Teacher Conference.

I was the translator for my father and Mr. Nathan. I felt like I was a terrible translator but everyone says that I was good translator. We talked what should I improve on and what should my family do to help me and encourage me. I told my father what was my UOI target and my literacy and Math.

UOI Exhibition

 This week in PYPX every group had to choose a specialist for each week to show in their presentation. My group had chose two specialist one...