Thursday, January 11, 2018


This week I' ve been learning and been reacting about Democracy. Democracy means the people can vote on two hundred people that is reliable to vote on a leader to lead them. I've been reacting it by, we choosing a president and Xavier became president. The most of the day we've been voting for a lot of things. Democracy I really like because we can vote on who should be our and we have a choice.

A Dictatorship control the government and has unlimited power. Dictators get to rule by using force or violence to get to rule. That is part where Kings are different than dictator. I've reacted with Dictatorship is that Mr. Nathan were the dictator and he took control. Dictatorship is more worse than monarchy because he or she just take the power that means that the king or queen will be even more worse than an king or queen.

A Anarchy no leader and the people does what they want to do. An means without and archy means leader so it means without leader. I have reacted with anarchy was that King Xavier were killed by poison mint then we did what we want that was educational. Anarchy I really like because we could of done what ever we wanted but can not have control.

A Monarchy means there are a leader. There could have a King, Queen, a Emperor and a Empress. Mon means one and archy means leader so it means one leader. I've reacted with Monarchy is that we were eating a pie or something like that and we split the cake into 19 pieces and one of the cake has a toy and who ever have the toy will be King. For me I don't really like monarchy because we couldn't choose and keep telling us what to do. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rừng Yêu Thương

Trong lớp tiếng việt em đang học về thiên nhiên tươi đẹp. Em nghĩ đây là một trong những bài mà em thích vì em yêu rừng và đây là một cảnh rừng rất đẹp.

Bạn có bao giờ nghĩ bạn sẽ không thích rừng? Nhưng với em, em nghĩ em sẽ thích rừng em. Vì trong ti-vi những ảnh rừng trông đẹp và yên bình dù có con vật hoang dã nên em thích nó.

Trong rừng có rất nhiều cảnh đẹp mà em thích. Những cảnh mà em thích là: Những bậc thang, những thân cây, ngôi nhà, đất, những cành cây, ánh sáng, những bông hoa, lá cỏ và lối đi.
Mỗi bậc thang làm cho mình cao như người khổng lồ. Ánh sáng chiếu sáng cho lối đi của mình. Thân cây to như người em. Những cánh cây như là những cánh tay mạnh mẽ vươn ra. Cỏ xanh mướt như một tấm thảm. Mặt đất cứng như một bánh sôcôla khổng lồ. Ngôi nhà kia như một hang động có điện. Những bông hoa mọc lên ở khắp mọi nơi. Để làm cảnh rừng đẹp hơn.

Rừng tuyệt đẹp, em mong em sẽ được khám phá rừng với bố, mẹ hay bạn bè của em.

Maker Day

In this year Makers Day 8/12/2017, it was a lot different than the other years I had. This year we still did made things but it is for our Shark Tank. Ow I forgot, you didn't know what I was doing this week. This week I was doing a project that was really important, have you ever heard of Shark Tank. Well Shark Tank is that there are a group of people getting persuade for new thing or improved things. And next Friday 15/12/2017 we will be presenting about Hydro power and other group will be presenting on other energy source like: Nuclear, Solar, Geothermal and other energy sources. So in my group there was Joe-Ben our captain, Chloe our pitch perfect, Sander our tech guru, Hien and me were time communication. At first we were going to make a dam but then our captain said that maybe we should make a turbine so we did. At first when we started to build we thought it will so easy but when start it got harder and we had a lot of struggles. Our first struggle was that to make a circle because Mr. Steff didn't have the right materiel then about fifteen minutes later we had our circle. Then we had to persuade our captain that we should the cut the spoon to make it smaller and we finally persuaded our captain. Then we needed to glue gun the spoon to put it on the circle               

Friday, December 1, 2017


Today, Friday 1 December 2017 we were doing math test about a  drink called Kool-Aid. A person called Graham Fletcher made the math quiz. The problem was that how much was left in the cup of Kool-Aid? Then we started to do the problem in a sheet of paper my teacher gave. The class had to write a number that we predicted for the answer, and I predicted 250 was left. So here was some clues we had: Mr. Graham Fletcher drank 3/8 of Kool-Aid and the last clue was there was a halve of a litter 500 ml and it is 1/2. But my prediction was wrong because a lot of people were 500 dividing 8 but you are meant to 500 and divide 4 or 1000 divide 8. And the answer was... Sorry but this time you should do the math because I did it so time for you to do the math. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017



What went well in my story was that I had a lot of twist that made the story so interesting.
What was challenging was that to think about the best word for the first graders to understand the meaning and the main idea about the story. But they didn't understand the story.
At first we had to brainstorm ( Think ).
Then we had to draft.
Next we had to revise the story, means did we have big changes.
After revising we edit the story.
Then publish the story.   

Wednesday, November 22, 2017



Hey if you like about action, mystery you should read the Breadwinner. 
Breadwinner is an awesome book it talks about a girl named Parvana. Parvana is at Afghanistan with her family of six. In Afghanistan there were Taliban. And few Taliban took her father away so now Parvana had to dress up as a boy and now she is a Breadwinner. 
I think this is a good book because it talks about a lot of struggles for her and her family. So the book is getting more interesting the more we read it. 
I improve as a reader by learning new words.                

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Narrative writing

             MY LIFE BRIEFCASE

Once there was a businessman named Jone. He was a really successful businessman. He worked in a place called
IMPROVERS CORP. The people work in IMPROVERS CORP are called THE IMPROVERS, THE IMPROVERS improve things to help people and help peoples that have no homes.  

Until one day, Jone was asked to write a presentation about him. How to be successful like him to the whole world. Jone said” yes sir I’ll do my best”.  After that he freaked out in excitement and Jone was determined to write the best presentation ever.

But when Jone come home from work and got his wife Sharron. Then talled everything to Sharron. Then thought about the whole thing again and felt that he couldn’t do it.

Next Sharron said “what’s going on?”
“Sharron I think I can’t do it”
But Sharron didn’t gave up and said” don’t give up so be yourself and stay strong.”
After Sharron said that,  he got his determination back and got to his desk, his laptop and start to work.He worked all day, all night nonstop.

The next day Jone was so sleepy put his work in a briefcase and gone to the bus station. He saw a bench, sat down on the bench and fell asleep. Then a bus showed up and Jone got up in the bus but forgot his briefcase.
When Jone came to IMPROVER CORP people asked where was his laptop then Jone recognized that he doesn't have his stuff. He felt hopeless, but he remember what Sharron said to him.
And got his courage back. After, he got hypered and rushed to the bus station to find the bus guy that drove him to IMPROVE CORP. “Sadly the driver has went to SHOWERS CORP”. SHOWERS CORP is a business place that helps IMPROVER CORP show their things that they had improved or upgraded. And IMPROVER CORP is going to show to SHOWER CORP a latest invention that he made. So he can not be spotted until then. He quickly gone down to the parking area. But everything got harder then, there was so many buses he could not even imagine.
30 minutes later, he finally found the bus. But couldn’t find his briefcase!

Then he remembered that the bus driver had never had the briefcase because Jone left it at the bus station near the bench he sat on. Next he didn’t felt hopeless but felt stronger because he remember what Sharron said, ” don’t give up now so be yourself and stay strong.” So he ran as fast as lightning to the bus station. When Jone got there, there was bunch of people covering his way he couldn’t see the bench or the briefcase. But Jone went into the bunch of people and started searching for the briefcase. He tried to get up to see the bench but it was really foggy, then he tried low but this time he did found briefcase after he got kicked everywhere.
25 minutes later he found the briefcase and he said “ yesss finally I found you!”

Next he went back to IMPROVER CORP by using the bus. Don’t worry he didn’t forgot the briefcase. He felted awesome when he finally got his briefcase until. Until he went up stairs to the stage and he thought maybe I feel awesome because of my wife. So then he shut down his briefcase and said “ I am sorry but I have to be somewhere else” so then he left and went back to his home and wife. When he got home he saw his wife sleeping then he went to sleep with her.

                                                   THE END